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5G Challenge 2023 Winners

2023 5G Challenge Winners Announced!

The ITS/NTIA 2023 5G Challenge awarded a total prize purse of $7,000,000 in cash and in-kind prizes to high-performing 5G subsystems showcasing multi-vendor interoperability across Radio Units (RU) and combined Central Units and Distributed Units (CU+DU).


Mobility Prize

Mobility Price cup
Mobility Prize winners

Multi-Vendor End-to-End Integration Prizes

1st and 2nd Prize winner badges

Best in Show Prizes

Best in Show Winner Badges

Wraparound Emulation Prizes

Wraparound Emulation Testing badge

Congratulations to the Wraparound Emulation Prizes Winners!

  • Capgemini Engineering (CU+DU)
  • Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. and AT&T (RU)
  • GXC, Inc. (CU+DU) & (RU)
  • JMA Wireless (CU+DU)
  • LIONS Technology (RU)
  • Mavenir Systems, Inc. (CU+DU)
  • NewEdge Inc. (RU)
  • QCT and Benetel (RU)
  • Radisys Corp. (CU+DU)

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